Anamorphosis Architects was founded in 1992 by Nikos Georgiadis, Panagiota (Tota) Mamalaki, Kostas Kakoyiannis, and Vaios Zitonoulis. Based in Athens, the Anamorphosis team is engaged in practical design work in a wide range of fields, including buildings, urban design, advertising, video projects, and graphic design, while simultaneously participating in theoretical research and experimentation. The design method of this practice is based on Nikos Georgiadis spatio-psychoanalytic research involving a symptomatic spatial approach of the Lacanian theory of psychoanalysis; it explores the psychoanalytic dimension of architectural experience and design, as well as the question of architectural/spatial remodification of psychoanalysis. Along these lines Georgiadis is developing a new theory of space: 'anamorphosis' which can be applied to urban design, buildings, small scale projects, graphic design, moving image, advertising, text usage - all fields in which the team of Anamorphosis currently work and has already acquired significant design experience. Independent research and experimentation have become regular activities of Anamorphosis; examples include work done for the AD/ Architectural Design magazine including the research for Open Air Cinemas in Athens (1994), the Tracing Architecture editorial concept (1998), and their involvement in seminars, conferences, workshops and academic work for Greek and European Institutions and Universities (from 2000 until the present). Work by Anamorphosis' has been published in Architectural Design Magazine (1994, 1996, 1998, 2004), 10X10 Phaidon (2000) and other international press and media. Their work has also been commented on by recognized theorists and critics; and has been presented at the ICA London (2000); in European, Mexican, Turkish, and Greek Universities; the 8th Venice Architectural Biennale (2002); the 1st Rotterdam Biennale (2003); the 50th Venice Art Biennale (2003); the ‘Snow Show’ Cultural Event Finland 2004 and the Art-Centre Basel (2006-9). Such work has already created a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, in relation to other architects and specialists on an international level.

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>>International architectural competitions that Anamorphosis have participated in and awards won.

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